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Steve Six
Steve Six

Six Was Voted Out of Office Because of His Politics, and His Record Does Not Support a Promotion to the Federal Appellate Bench.  Recently, voters in Kansas dumped Six from his position as Attorney General, but President Obama has wasted no time trying to find him a new job – one where Six will NOT be accountable to voters.  Among the many other reasons for a Senator to vote “no”, Six misused his power as Attorney General of Kansas to disrupt a major investigation into felonies committed by the Planned Parenthood Abortion clinic formerly run by Dr. George Tiller. Click Here to read more of the resaons this nominee should not be confirmed.


The Nomination of Steve Six is Not a Joke -CWA's Mario Diaz explains why "Republicans Should Not Play Nice on Judicial Nominations" in light of President Obama's recent judicial appointment, former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six. Recently dismissed by Kansas voters from a Governor's appointment, Six used his brief time in office to impede the investigation of an abortion clinic accused of covering-up numerous cases of statutory rape and falsifying medical records to conceal illegal abortions.

Senator Roberts Announces Opposition to Six Nomination.  As a step in the right direction, Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan) has decided to vote against Six. Read the press release here.

Senator Moran Announces Opposition to Six Nomination. Another great move towards Judicial Renewal was made when Senator Moran released his decision to vote against Six. Read the full press release here.

Contact your senators and tell them to vote against Six! Click here to see a list of Senators who need to hear from you.

Six Did Not Act Impartially When Attorney General of Kansas - Why Would He As A Judge? Steve Six, as attorney general for the State of Kansas, did everything in his power to delay an investigation of Planned Parenthood and fought for the Supreme Court of Kansas to block prosecutors’ access to patient files and key evidence. “[P]ro-life advocates have been opposing his nomination because of his efforts to hold up an investigation and prosecution of Kansas Planned Parenthood abortion centers for allegedly violating state laws on late-term abortions.” writes Steven Ertelt for LifeNews.com. Click here to read his full article.

LifeNews.com Reports That When Questioned by Senator Grassley, Six Attempted to Conceal His Interference in a Criminal Investigation. Mary Kay Culp, the director of Kansans for Life, a statewide pro-life group, told LifeNews, “In his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Six portrayed himself as merely a disinterested professional letting the assistant attorneys general routinely perform their job. Six has intentionally downplayed the legal chaos that he intensified to the advantage of abortion interests. Kansas’ situation of political corruption was dire, and Six failed miserably to restore justice, or even to act impartially.” [Emphasis added] Steven Ertelt's full article is available on their website here.

Steve Six's Answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee are Misleading and Improbable.  In an article titled Six’s Answers Are Implausible Concerning Abortion Questions, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman elaborates on Six's refusal to directly answer questions by Senator Grassley during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.