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Edward M. Chen

JAG Leaders Letter to Senate re Chen

JAG Memo on Chen - 2-28-10

Judge Edward Chen’s Testimony Before Senate Judiciary Committee - You Tube Video on Judge Edward Chen's Testimony Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Sessions re Chen: “if [judges] would like to write the law, let them run for Congress” - Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committees: "[Chen] stated that he finds 'most rewarding... contributing to the development of the law via published opinion, especially if it comports with my view of justice.' That is pretty nice if you can develop the law -- in other words, make law and make sure it comports with your view of the law. A judge is supposed to be a neutral umpire. They are not supposed to use their moment on the bench to rewrite the law to make it say what they would like it to say. If they would like to write the law, let them run for Congress." Read Sessions' entire comments on Chen and the overall state of judicial nominations in the Senate.

ACLU: Pipeline for Obama Judges - Upon listening to "America the Beautiful," Chen's first thought was not of spacious skies or amber waves of grain. The judge couldn’t quite appreciate the beauty described in the song because of his cynicism towards America. Follow the title link to read the full article by Jillian Bandes.

Washington Times Editorial on Chen - Another day, another Obama nominee who doesn't appear to love America. Another nominee who thinks the United States is inherently racist. Another nominee who thinks that judges should let their "ethnic and racial background" have an effect on how they conduct their trials. President Obama's radicalization of American government needs to be stopped.

O’Reilly Factor on Chen - Must Watch - O'Reilly: "He is an activist!" Monica Crowley on Chen's post 9-11 comments: "He was essentially [11 days after 9-11] accusing the United States of being a country of bigots and racists."

Senate Conservatives Set Sights to Defeat Chen - Wa Times - "Congressional conservatives who picked and lost a fight over a contentious circuit court judge selected by President Obama have set their sights on two lower-court nominees [Chen and Butler] they say could put political pressure on moderate Democrats."

Investor’s Business Daily: Edward Chen - Son of Sotomayor - IBD: "The nominee for a California federal district court is an ACLU activist and another advocate for the empathy standard of jurisprudence. He also has a problem with 'America the Beautiful.'"