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Nominee to the D.C. Circuit court of Appeals

Nominated: August 1, 2013
Hearing Date: TBD
Confirmed by Senate: N/A

Nominee to the Southern District of New York

Re-Nominated: January 4, 2013 (Originally nominated September 19, 2012)
Committee Questionnaire Update
Hearing Date: February 13, 2013
Questions For The Record
Reported by Committee: March 7, 2013
Confirmed by Senate: 

Throughout his first term as President of The United States, former Senator Barack Obama has nominated and lobbied for confirmation of some of the most radical judicial nominees the Senate has ever seen. While the Democratic-controlled Senate has refused to confirm many of those with the most questionable and concerning records, President Obama has in total confirmed: Two (2) Supreme Court Justices, thirty (30) Appellate Court Judges, and One-hundred forty-three (143) District Court Judges. 

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