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Did Lynch Lie? 

Loretta Lynch attempted to distance herself from her own position by concealing the truth about her stance on partial birth abortion.  Read the first in JAG's three-part series by clicking the "Read more" button below.


Goodwin Liu  

Questions for Drozd

It is a new day in the Senate.  Democrats no longer have the power to force through Obama’s radical judicial nominees.  It appears Republicans will apply a new level of scrutiny to judicial nominees.  Along those lines, the Senate should inquire further into the judicial philosophy of District Court nominee Dale A. Drozd.

Naked Judges & Gay Marriage
March 11, 2015

Let’s consider the question of who has legislative power in our American system of government. This is not a trick question. The answer is very simple: the legislative branch is the branch with legislative power. 

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Did Lynch Lie? Part 2
March 10, 2015

In Loretta Lynch’s Senate testimony regarding her role in the Supreme Court’s Partial Birth Abortion case, she mislead at best and lied at worst. 

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Did Lynch Lie? Part 3
March 10, 2015

As was discussed in the previous post, Lynch lied to the Senate about her role in the Partial Birth Abortion ("PBA") case.  Yet, there is an even more important matter that must not be missed: Lynch’s position on PBA.

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