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Our President
 Phillip Jauregui  

Phillip L. Jauregui, born January 9, 1970, serves as the President for Judicial Action Group, a 501(c) 4 Non-Profit Organization working towards judicial renewal and an agenda to address judicial activism.  In June 2005, he began serving as an organizer for a new national grassroots education and lobbying organization, Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration, Inc. which was dedicated for the next generation to stopping judicial supremacy.

Jauregui has experience in constitutional law, governmental policy, national non-profit work and coalition building. He worked in the judicial branch as law clerk to Chief Justice Perry O. Hooper, Sr., of the Alabama Supreme Court. He served the executive branch as Assistant Legal Advisor to Alabama Governor Fob James.

He has served the national non-profit realm as Executive Director of the Judeo-Christian Council and in the coalition building venue for ValuesVoter.Org, which coordinated over fifty national ministries on a common legislative agenda: the “Values Voters Contract with Congress”.

Jauregui is a member of the Alliance Defense Fund (Honor Corps and Allied Attorney). Since 2005, he has been a member of Prison Fellowship – Alabama Council, and served on the Board of Directors with Sav-A-Life.

Our Executive Director
 Phillip Jauregui  

Anna Cavoto has always been passionate about how politics and governance effects citizen's lives. Since she was a young girl, Anna has advocated and worked towards prayer and faith-based campaigns for numerous social, political, and civil rights issues.  

At heart, Ms. Cavoto is a nerdy operations guru who loves to ensure programs and organizations are run efficiently and smoothly while aligning with organizational mission and vision. She is an expert in bringing flexible, yet effective, operational infrastructure to extremely innovative entrepreneurial organizations, as well as building coalitions among NGOs, faith-based communities, and government entities to build out collaborative projects. Anna is also passionate about bringing people together to strategize and dream about how to holistically transform their communities. To this end, Anna has planned and executed over 1000 events of all sizes and lengths- everything from 6 month-long immersive leadership training practicums to dinner parties focused on discussing policy issues and solutions. 

Anna has 15+ years of experience in organizational development, program direction, strategic planning, and coalition building. She was also a full-time missionary for over a decade and has worked in nearly thirty countries and 45 states. Anna has a B.A. and M.A. in political science- focused on international relations and foreign policy. She is currently a Doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership, with research primarily centered on how emerging technologies will affect democratic institutions and political and military leadership. 

Our IT/Social Media Director

Stuart Brockwell   

Stuart Brockwell serves as JAG’s Director of Social Media, maintaining and updating the website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as any other online-related activities. He also operates as JAG’s IT Consultant, having significant experience in the field through his local technology support business. He graduated from SMIC Academy, a homeschool program in Birmingham, Alabama, and is studying advanced programming and business at Samford University.

He became involved back in January of 2007 as a part of JAG’s intern program, working alongside Phillip Jauregui and visiting Capitol Hill, which greatly assisted in gathering valuable experience in the areas of judicial activism and politics. After the period of his internship expired, he was asked to remain on-board with JAG and continue to offer various technical assistance. 

After his graduation in May of 2011, he was hired as JAG’s new Director of Social Media, and he is responsible for leading JAG’s actions in its new social media campaign. Stuart also manages JAG email alerts, videocasts, mailing campaigns, and other image-based media.